SEO Roundup: May 1, 2015

Since Google rolled out its new mobile friendly algorithm update on April 21, industry sites like SearchEngineLand, LunaMetrics and others have been pouring over pagerank data to see what kind of … [Read more...]

SEO Roundup: August 15, 2014


When I first told my friends and family that I was hired by an SEO company, all I got were blank stares and "Huh?’s." Sure, the industry has come a long way in a few years and increasingly people are … [Read more...]

SEO Roundup: October 2, 2013

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Actionable advice is one of our favorite things to find and share, so you can imagine how much we love this nearly exhaustive list of SEO tips from some of the top marketers. There are 47 tips in all … [Read more...]