Dissecting Google’s Penguin 2.1: Make Your Links 100% More Powerful

Google logo with penguin 4Google’s recent Penguin algorithm update has many online marketers frustrated. How does the update affect website traffic? What does it mean for a site’s SEO?

I’ve combed the Internet to learn what I can about Penguin 2.1. One of my most interesting discoveries is how U.K.-based MathSight used reverse engineering to analyze websites impacted by the algorithmic update to determine what factors resulted in the site being hit.

MathSight’s data reveals a secret… websites that gained and lost traffic from Penguin 2.1 had links from web pages with the following:

  • Body text with a higher (good) or lower (bad) number of words per sentence
  • Body text with a higher (good) or lower (bad) proportion of rare words
  • Body text with a higher (good) or lower (bad) number of syllables per word

MathSight’s data supports the belief that linking to poor quality sites is bad, and that the “quality” factor is determined by content.… Continue Reading

6 Best Practices to Get Your Videos Indexed on Search Engines

Optimizing for YouTubeOnline videos have become a very important tool for sharing information. When you consider that YouTube is the second-largest search engine (Google being the first), you realize the incredible reach your brand can have through social networking sites by using video.

Videos are also an effective marketing tool. Videos can help your blog or business be discovered and drive consumer engagement. You want your how-to, testimonial and other videos to be indexed on search engines to take advantage of the potential exposure of your video to millions of Web users.

If you’re looking to introduce video content to your marketing campaigns, Google’s “Introduction to Video Markup” video is a great resource.… Continue Reading

Boost Web Traffic in 15 Minutes in 7 Easy Steps

Life gets busy. If you’re maintaining a Web site, you know it takes time and constant tweaks to keep it ranking at the top of search results. We’ve got 7 easy tips that can be done in 15 minutes to ensure your site’s rankings.

1. Review Your Sites’ Index Status. Google’s Webmaster Tools service gives you the ability to review historically how many of your pages are indexed over the last year. Go to the Health menu list and choose “Index Status.” You can view a report to gauge your overall site health. Detect and solve problems before they become big issues.… Continue Reading

How Just a Few Words Can Dramatically Improve Landing Page Conversions

Conversions – whether they involve purchasing a product or providing contact information – is the one metric pretty much everyone understands and is interested in. If you’re working in the marketing department of a large company, conversions are likely the sole focus of your CEO and managers.

They hardly know what a click-through rate is, nor do they care…

What they want to know is how many people are purchasing, subscribing or otherwise becoming a lead.

Several elements have to coalesce in order for your sales landing pages to be successful – easy navigation, engaging design and copy are the top three that immediately come to mind.… Continue Reading

How Google Authorship Can Boost Your Online Marketing Efforts

Finding Google gold with in-depth articles
Authorship was created by Google in an effort eliminate spam and duplicate content. It helps search users receive quality content relevant to their search that is created by niche and industry authorities. Authorship protects authors’ work and at the same time builds the authors’ credibility online.

A content marketing plan and search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to get your content ranked. Websites must deliver compelling content in different forms (product pages, blog posts, and more) that are formatted for search crawlers to achieve page ranking.

How Your Business Benefits from Google Authorship

Authorship is another tool you can use to drive traffic to your website and increase page ranking in search results.… Continue Reading