Social Wednesday: August 20, 2014

SEO-Social_WednesdayDo you know what day it is? Many of you likely gave a hearty cheer, “Hump Day!” and by golly it is, but here at SEO-e it’s “Social Wednesday,” an exciting new venture where we search the vast reaches of social media to profile its brightest marketing stars.

Twitter’s Stephen Greenwood (@TasteFaker) wears many hats in the marketing arena. He’s an Analyst at GEICO and digital marketing professional for the Trillectro Music Festival. He recently wrote an article about how to use technology to grow and expand your non-tech event. Three years ago he and friends armed only with a couple of Macbooks started a music festival with no experience and no budget.… Continue Reading

Marketing Lessons from Last Comic Standing’s Final Three

last-comic-standing-final-3A good stand-up comic is inherently a marketer.  In addition to being funny, he or she has to create and successfully sell a brand. In fact, there are a lot of lessons we as marketers can learn from comedy, including a few from the remaining contestants on this season’s Last Comic Standing.

If you haven’t been watching the show this season, you’ve missed one of the best so far. You can still catch the finale tomorrow night, and I highly recommend checking out previous episodes online. So many of the things the comics discuss with their judges and mentors translate directly to what we do in marketing, because we are both in the business of gaining buy-in from an audience.… Continue Reading

Inside a Premium Content and Link Building Campaign

If you’re looking for the weekly SEO news roundup it will be back next week. In the meantime here’s what’s been keeping us so busy . . .

Sometimes at SEO Advantage we’re sharing the news on our blog, but other times we get to help clients who are making the news. That’s what we’ve been doing for the past two weeks.

It all started when our friends at Provident Precious Metals saw an opportunity and ran with it – or rather drove with it. After seeing the buzz around NASCAR driver Josh Wise’s sponsorship by cryptocurrency Dogecoin, Provident made the decision to reach out Josh’s team owner Phil Parsons and become sponsors themselves.… Continue Reading

Interview With a Leading SEO Expert About Legal Marketing Solutions

legal-seoRecently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Wes Reunig, Sales Director and Executive Vice President at SEO Advantage (SEOA). Wes and his brother Stone created SEOA in 1999 following years of working together in business services and consulting, including SEO long before Google became the dominant search engine.

The mere fact SEOA has survived and thrived in its own fiercely competitive market is impressive, but what sets this company apart is its philosophy that a one-size-fits-all approach to SEO and online marketing is unrealistic. Wes gave an excellent example that a personal injury attorney faces far more competition in their niche than a real estate attorney.… Continue Reading

How Expert Authors Can Empower Your Ecommerce SEO

ecommerce-SEO-tipsYou are likely asking yourself, “What in the world do expert authors have to do with my ecommerce site?” While there doesn’t seem to be an immediate connection, Jill Kocher points out in her recent article that Google has decided to identify and promote content authored by experts to rely less on links by its algorithms.

Last year’s Hummingbird algorithm update made it possible for Google to rely less on backlinks and use natural language and identity.

Your ecommerce site can tap into the benefits of expert author content. The resulting boost in web traffic, customer engagement, sales and search engine ranking are worth its weight in gold.… Continue Reading