How to Link Build Part 2: Using Content Refreshing

Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail Part two in the How to Link Build series involves refreshing your website’s content so that it remains current. As a business owner or webmaster, you must take the time to ensure that while you’re refreshing content that you do not leave behind bits and pieces or make your content mismatched.

Why you should Update Your Content

Anyone who works with news or information knows: time is the enemy. This is because information is always changing. Moreover, as the internet grows and changes, we (the internet viewers) can face leftover loose ends when changes are made by webmasters—most often, these loose ends are outdated content and broken webpages and/or links.… Continue Reading

How to Link Build Part 1: Using Direct Outreach


When link building, you cannot simply write good content and then sit back and wait for traffic to visit your website. Without promoting your content yourself, you are not likely to receive the kind of traffic you want or need for your business to thrive. Most people will tell you that harder to obtain links are more valuable to your content.

Chances are if you’ve been creating content for a while and it seems like you’re getting no traffic, you’ve most likely failed to add outreach to your marketing plan. Rather than simply slap your new content on your established website, you need to add this new content into your marketing plan as well.… Continue Reading

Social Wednesday: September 17, 2014

SEO-Social-WednesdayThere’s just something special about Wednesday. The woes of Monday have come and gone. The weekend, full of relaxation and play, is within reach, and that calls for a celebration. At SEO-e, we are all about celebrating social media’s marketing geniuses in “Social Wednesday.” We find online marketing’s brightest stars that you can follow to learn about the latest technologies, tricks and tips.

Meandering through Twitter-space I came upon Kevin Lane Skarritt (@skarritt), Chief Peep (his words, not mine!) and CEO of Flock Marketing, a 19-year-old agency that teaches small businesses innovative brand and social media engagement strategies. As if his clever cover photo featuring Grumpy Cat is not enough reason to check out his Twitter account, he tweets about social media—from tips to news to strange but true stories.… Continue Reading

Social Wednesday: September 10, 2014


Don’t you just love Wednesday? The work week is half over. It’s time to plan fun weekend activities. When you take a break from daydreaming about weekend festivities, check out social media’s best marketers in this week’s Social Wednesday. You’ll meet social media’s brightest stars who share solutions, tips and tools for success.

Mandy Edwards (@memktgservices) caught my attention on Twitter and it’s not because she’s a UGA alum whose profile and cover photos include the UGA football colors, although that’s part of it. After 11 years of living in Georgia (I’m from New YorkState originally), I’ve become a diehard UGA Bulldogs fan.… Continue Reading

Social Wednesday: September 3, 2014

SEO-Social-WednesdayWhile cruising through the social media jungle in search of the world’s best marketers for Social Wednesday, I ventured past a Google Facts tweet that Facebook was down 10 minutes and lost more than $220,000 in advertising revenue. Yikes!

When online marketing goes wrong, a viable solution is usually in reach—you just have to know where to look. In today’s Social Wednesday, we feature top-shelf online marketers that share solutions, tips and tools for success.

Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick), a self-proclaimed Search Geek, is the CEO of Rusty Brick, a New York company that sells custom web software including CRM applications, advanced e-commerce, and web-based business software.… Continue Reading