How Often Should You Check Your Website’s Metrics?


SEO can be a tricky road to navigate, full of potential potholes and bumps. Many marketers simply do not have a firm enough grasp on the wheel to understand the inner workings of search engine optimization and avoid the obstacles.

That said, although managing a company’s web presence was unpredictable in days past, now it doesn’t have to be.

Until recently, Google has released updates (along with how these updates will affect websites) to its algorithms in large chunks. However, nowadays we’re seeing more frequent updates of smaller sizes. The smaller changes allow Google technologists to scale back the update if it affects websites in ways they didn’t intend.… Continue Reading

How (and How Not) to Respond to Negative Online Reviews


When you run a business, two old adages should be in the back of your mind: ‘The customer is always right’ and ‘You can never make everyone happy.’ Given these two sayings, chances are if you work in the service industry, you’re bound to receive a negative online review at some point in your career.

Popular sites like Yelp and Angie’s List, as well as social media, now make it easy for people to see online reviews of businesses, which means handling these reviews should be an important component of every business’s online reputation management strategy.

Once you’ve received a negative review, however, how should you respond?… Continue Reading

5 Overlooked Link Building Mistakes You May Be Making

boss-highlighting-mistakeRunning an online marketing program can be difficult—especially remembering all of the things you have to do to run the program successfully. This is because marketing programs usually have numerous moving parts and pieces and without proper organization, things can be tough to keep straight. The same is true when you’re running a link building campaign.

With so much going on, it is easy to overlook elements that could prove disastrous. More than likely, you’ve made sure to deal with the common mistakes that can be made; however, here are 5 of the less common mistakes that you could be making and not even know it.… Continue Reading

How to Link Build Part 2: Using Content Refreshing

Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail Part two in the How to Link Build series involves refreshing your website’s content so that it remains current. As a business owner or webmaster, you must take the time to ensure that while you’re refreshing content that you do not leave behind bits and pieces or make your content mismatched.

Why you should Update Your Content

Anyone who works with news or information knows: time is the enemy. This is because information is always changing. Moreover, as the internet grows and changes, we (the internet viewers) can face leftover loose ends when changes are made by webmasters—most often, these loose ends are outdated content and broken webpages and/or links.… Continue Reading

How to Link Build Part 1: Using Direct Outreach


When link building, you cannot simply write good content and then sit back and wait for traffic to visit your website. Without promoting your content yourself, you are not likely to receive the kind of traffic you want or need for your business to thrive. Most people will tell you that harder to obtain links are more valuable to your content.

Chances are if you’ve been creating content for a while and it seems like you’re getting no traffic, you’ve most likely failed to add outreach to your marketing plan. Rather than simply slap your new content on your established website, you need to add this new content into your marketing plan as well.… Continue Reading