Social Wednesday: September 17, 2014

SEO-Social-WednesdayThere’s just something special about Wednesday. The woes of Monday have come and gone. The weekend, full of relaxation and play, is within reach, and that calls for a celebration. At SEO-e, we are all about celebrating social media’s marketing geniuses in “Social Wednesday.” We find online marketing’s brightest stars that you can follow to learn about the latest technologies, tricks and tips.

Meandering through Twitter-space I came upon Kevin Lane Skarritt (@skarritt), Chief Peep (his words, not mine!) and CEO of Flock Marketing, a 19-year-old agency that teaches small businesses innovative brand and social media engagement strategies. As if his clever cover photo featuring Grumpy Cat is not enough reason to check out his Twitter account, he tweets about social media—from tips to news to strange but true stories.… Continue Reading

SEO Roundup: September 12, 2014

seo-roundup-2As a content developer myself, I admit I may have somewhat of a conflict of interest in preaching about the importance of creating quality web content in your SEO strategy, but at least I’m not alone in my conviction. A newly released Google search rankings study from SearchMetrics has declared that quality content creation is “no longer an addition to, but is the main focus of, SEO.” And they’ve got data to back it up.

It shouldn’t be all that surprising then that content marketing topics seemed to be all the rage this week. From getting in touch with your funny side to discovering the voice of the customer, take a few minutes to check out these helpful links on rethinking your content marketing strategy, as well as these other well-written articles and SEO updates from around the web.… Continue Reading

Social Wednesday: September 10, 2014


Don’t you just love Wednesday? The work week is half over. It’s time to plan fun weekend activities. When you take a break from daydreaming about weekend festivities, check out social media’s best marketers in this week’s Social Wednesday. You’ll meet social media’s brightest stars who share solutions, tips and tools for success.

Mandy Edwards (@memktgservices) caught my attention on Twitter and it’s not because she’s a UGA alum whose profile and cover photos include the UGA football colors, although that’s part of it. After 11 years of living in Georgia (I’m from New YorkState originally), I’ve become a diehard UGA Bulldogs fan.… Continue Reading

AdSense User Loses $46,000 to Google Punishment

google-adsense-user-bannedIdris Sami, 19, is a French-Moroccan entrepreneur who created a website called MesTextos that allows French-speakers to text for free. It’s a great thing for people who don’t use a cell phone or don’t want mobile data costs. Alternative messaging services are popular in Europe, so Sami’s niche business is fantastic.

Sami’s website was using Google’s AdSense system. AdSense allows webmasters to display Google powered search ads and get a percentage of the revenues.

So many users were clicking on MesTextos’ ads that by December 2013 Sami’s Google account had earned a whopping $46,000!

But as an AdSense partner, if you don’t use ads on your site exactly as Google instructs, you will be severely punished.… Continue Reading

Google Writes Off Authorship

google-authorshipThree years ago Google announced authorship to eliminate spam and duplicate content, and offer high quality content created by a niche and industry authority in search results. It seemed the search giant intended for people populating web properties with content to play a pivotal role in how Google treated search results. After all, they bombarded us with multiple videos on how to use authorship markup on websites. They also added features, like Google Plus circle counts, and authorship impression data to Webmaster Tools.  Google seemed to value authorship more and more as time went on.

I was among the SEO professionals who scrambled to build a Google+ account, post an author photo and bio so that I could be visible in Google search results and achieve the best ranking.… Continue Reading