SEO Roundup: October 31, 2014


Happy Halloween everybody! While everyone else has been getting ready for the mobs of trick-or-treaters this week, many SEOs have been pouring over ranking analyses to see if their sites were impacted by the latest Penguin update.

Born one year after its predecessor, the new Penguin 3.0 algorithm was launched on October 17th amidst much skepticism and suspense. The anticipation for the chaos the update could bring has been building up ever since Search Engine Watch published a “bloodbath” depiction of what Penguin 3.0 could mean to SEOs (complete with a cartoon of a grim reaper penguin as the featured image).… Continue Reading

How to Link Build Part 1: Using Direct Outreach


When link building, you cannot simply write good content and then sit back and wait for traffic to visit your website. Without promoting your content yourself, you are not likely to receive the kind of traffic you want or need for your business to thrive. Most people will tell you that harder to obtain links are more valuable to your content.

Chances are if you’ve been creating content for a while and it seems like you’re getting no traffic, you’ve most likely failed to add outreach to your marketing plan. Rather than simply slap your new content on your established website, you need to add this new content into your marketing plan as well.… Continue Reading

3 Ways to Get an Accurate Measurement of Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking


The role of an SEO company is to improve the search engine visibility of their clients and drive more online traffic (and potential conversions) to their website. Although search engine results page (SERP) rankings aren’t the only measure of success, they are certainly an important indicator of positive growth.

Here at SEO Advantage, one of the first things we do is provide our clients with a free report telling them how many people are searching for their business online. Of course, getting a rudimentary overview of how your website is performing in the search engines is something you can also do on your own if you want – however the trick is making sure you are getting unfiltered results.… Continue Reading

SEO-e Trivia Feature – The History of Google Analytics

Welcome to SEO Advantage’s Trivia feature, where we discuss, dissect and comment on the internet and marketing, and how the two intertwine.

When did Google Analytics launch?


  1. 2003
  2. 2005
  3. 2008

Answer: B

Google Analytics is a tool that is used by businesses that market to the public. Typically, businesses use it to generate stats about the traffic to a given website and then measure these stats in terms of conversion and sales. In addition, Google Analytics features multiple dashboards that give users the option to produce custom reports.

In order to keep up with the constantly changing business world, Google Analytics has been updated to include a new interface design and real-time analytics.… Continue Reading

SEO Roundup: October 17, 2014


It’s been a few weeks since our last roundup, and in that time we have learned that the old adage “the Internet never forgets” is becoming less and less true for our friends across the pond.  A sweeping set of internet privacy laws enacted by the European Union is forcing Google to remove certain requested content from Web, and according to the latest report, Facebook, and YouTube are among the top three sites to have content erased under the new policy.

The controversial “Right To Be Forgotten” (RTBF) rule was introduced last May – however, Google just released its Google Transparency Report last week, revealing that over 40% of RTBF requests were granted in the last three months.… Continue Reading