Free or Low Cost Images That Instantly Make Your Content Irresistible

free-low-cost-images-content-marketingCreating unique content your website or blog is a challenge. Finding the right image to accompany the content—ever more so. And let’s face the facts—the most critical component of content marketing is images. It doesn’t matter if you are posting articles, contests, or blog posts, if there’s no image or video that grabs attention, chances are the text won’t be read.

The social Web is all about pictures. When you consider the popularity of Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr, its clear consumers like posting, viewing and sharing photos with each other and brands.

You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 corporation to attract the most eyeballs.… Continue Reading

SEO Roundup: April 18, 2014

seo-weekly-roundupRoundup’s back, and there’s big news in social this week, as Facebook becomes less annoying for all of us. They’ve put a stop to the practice of asking for likes and shares, something they call like-baiting, in response to user reports and complaints.

Most of us already knew better than to do this, so for us this change means some news feed space has been cleared, hopefully making way for the quality posts we create on behalf of our clients. If these tactics were, in fact, part of your social strategy, consider adjusting your approach. Asking for likes is the equivalent of creating a blog post that says, “Please read my blog.” That’s not marketing; that’s begging.… Continue Reading

Social Media, Crowdfunding, and $56M Nail Polish


I’ve always been fascinated with crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. Hunting the subjects online, I came across Carol Tice’s Forbes article about a Seattle-based company called Julep that cranks out skin care products, makeup, and funky suede-look and 3-D holographic glitter nail polish. Julep has made quite a name for itself through social media marketing and crowdfunding since its 2007 debut as a single nail salon.

Why should we care? Julep applied rapid iteration—something foreign to the beauty industry—and their ecommerce sales have skyrocketed. Forbes estimates Julep’s 2013 revenue topped $20 million.That’s why.

And get this—Monday Julep announced it acquired $30 million in financing from venture-capital firms, including Starbucks founder Howard Schultz’s Maveron.… Continue Reading

How Google Adwords Consumer Ratings Can Benefit Your Business

google-adwords-consumer-ratings-tipsIn March, Google announced the debut of the English-only Consumer Ratings Annotations in AdWords. Users can review ratings, social endorsements, and reviews for your business as part of your Google search ads. The ratings data makes your ads more useful to prospects and can improve ad performance, says Google. After all, people rely on the opinions and experiences of others whether searching for products or services.

The ratings data is pulled from the Google Consumer Surveys platform. Publisher sites host survey questions that appear in pop-ups as paywall alternatives. Each rating is based on approximately 1,000 consumer opinions.

At the moment Consumer Ratings Annotations are benefiting mostly large brands who have been included in surveys.… Continue Reading

Why Your Website Is Not Making Money

Location, location, location… it’s vital for brick-and-mortar storefronts and online businesses. It takes a lot of online marketing muscle and search engine optimization to ensure your website attracts targeted, qualified customers. If your website isn’t making money despite your best efforts, what can you do?

why-your-website-is-not-making-moneyJayson DeMers wrote an article for Forbes about what to do if your website isn’t making money. He explains that you may have traffic, but it isn’t converting. Conversion is the second most important part of online marketing—traffic is the first. The two have to work in harmony to result in revenue.

Here are common reasons why your website visitors may not be converting:

  • You’re attracting “window shoppers.” These are people are browsing and have no intention of buying.
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