SEO-e Trivia – Old School SERPs

Welcome to SEO Advantage’s Trivia feature Friday, where we discuss, dissect and comment on the internet and marketing, and how the two intertwine.

Pre-2003, what did SEO users refer to the rankings shift that occurred at the end of each month?

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  1. ‘Google shift’
  2. ‘Google dance’
  3. ‘Google turn’

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Before 2003, Google results rarely varied for the better part of a month (about 3 weeks); however, during that last week of the month, all of the results began to shift in order to prepare for the new rankings. This movement was referred to as the ‘Google Dance’.

Due to the ‘dance,’ there would suddenly be new ranked sites for certain search queries.… Continue Reading

SEO Roundup (June 12, 2015): Twitter CEO Leaves the Nest, Pending Panda Update and Other SEO Headlines

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Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo has announced that he will be stepping down from the helm of one of the world’s largest online social networking services. Co-founder Jack Dorsey will step in as interim CEO starting July 1. This change in leadership may also signal a change in Twitter’s trajectory.

Twitter’s recent deal with Google has some speculating if the micro-blogging platform could soon be yet another Google acquisition.

As Social Media Today reports:

Would Google consider buying Twitter? Many investors see this as a good match, and it could be an avenue the company looks at under new leadership. If that were to happen, that would be a significant shift in the tech landscape – the second biggest acquisition in tech history.

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How Often Should You Check Your Website’s Metrics?


SEO can be a tricky road to navigate, full of potential potholes and bumps. Many marketers simply do not have a firm enough grasp on the wheel to understand the inner workings of search engine optimization and avoid the obstacles.

That said, although managing a company’s web presence was unpredictable in days past, now it doesn’t have to be.

Until recently, Google has released updates (along with how these updates will affect websites) to its algorithms in large chunks. However, nowadays we’re seeing more frequent updates of smaller sizes. The smaller changes allow Google technologists to scale back the update if it affects websites in ways they didn’t intend.… Continue Reading

SEOe Trivia – Google Algorithm Tweaks

Welcome to SEO Advantage’s Trivia feature Friday, where we discuss, dissect and comment on the internet and marketing, and how the two intertwine.

How many updates did Google release in 2010?

  1. 700
  2. 516
  3. 476

(See answer below)

Google is constantly tweaking its algorithms in order to produce a better search product to the internet’s millions of browsers. Frequent algorithm updates are practically required to keep up with the growing demand for more reliable search returns. Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO from 2001 through 2011, stated that in 2010 alone Google released 516 updates.

A lot of work went into these 516 updates.… Continue Reading

6 Totally Free Tools to Help Update Your Business’s Keywords

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Using the right keywords for your website content is crucial for attracting the best kind of traffic to your site. Determining new, highly value keywords can be difficult though. This is because your customers (site visitors) will all search for your products/services differently. For instance, some people search “A/C repair”, while others may type in “fix my air conditioner.” If you’re an HVAC company, you want to rank for both search terms, as well as any others that people may input.

In order to figure out new keywords for your website, there are a number of tools at your disposal. Below are 6 free resources for doing so…

Keyword Suggestions

Keyword suggest tools work by combining searches from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines that relate to what a user is looking for.… Continue Reading