New Google Update Seeks to Remove Copyright Violators from Search Results

While slightly different in nature in how it’s being implemented, Google’s latest algorithmic update is following the same theme of its Penguin and Panda updates, which basically rewards sites that create the best, most informative content.

Websites with poor content (i.e. stuffed with keywords) on the other hand are penalized and removed from the search results. Over the last year, numerous websites have seen rankings, and by extension revenues, dramatically drop due to poor content. These updates have led many firms to lay off employees or otherwise dramatically scale back their operations.

This latest update goes after websites engaging in outright plagiarism – the methodology though is slightly different in that Google is removing sites where legitimate copyright violation notices have been served.… Continue Reading

Penguin Update Targets Link Schemes and Low-Quality Content

Google’s much anticipated “over-optimization” algorithm update has been released. It was originally thought this new update would be called “Venice.” But in keeping the tradition of other updates that were named for animals (…think Panda), the search giant named this update “Penguin.”

We did have some forewarning this update was coming. As we discussed a little over a month ago, Google’s spam chief Matt Cutts was asked at the SXSW Conference what Google was doing about “overly-optimized” sites. Although it isn’t customary for Cutts and Google to announce an update ahead of time, he went on to explain how the search giant was planning an algorithmic update to deal with this issue.… Continue Reading

6 Tools to Throw your Link Building into Overdrive

Anyone whose worked on optimizing websites for the search engines knows about link building and how tedious, repetitive and time-consuming it can be – prospecting, researching, contacting and following-up can certainly drain away your day.

We’d know – we’ve spent a few years working to get sites to the top of the search engines. Building links is a big part of that. But sometimes though, it can literally be considered a “needle in a haystack” trying to find the right, do-follow link that will really move a website.

As the years have gone on, this task has gotten even more complex as search engines like Google continually make changes to their algorithms.… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Really Speed-Up Your Page Load Times

It’s been known for quite a while now that one of the factors Google uses to rank websites is page load time. Faster loading pages will generally rank higher than pages that load slowly, provided other factors like content and a crawlable site are the same.

Fast loading pages aren’t important for just web rankings – if a page is loading slowly or times out, how many will hang around to wait for the page to load?

Whatever the reason for a slow loading page – antiquated server, extra coding, improperly formatted images – having one (…or several) will certainly cause you to lose visitors and more importantly, customers.… Continue Reading

34 Things You Must Do When Redesigning your Website

Every so often, it’s a good idea to give your organization’s website a fresh new design. Doing so makes your company look active and dedicated to giving your customers the most advanced products and services.

But considering the fact many websites contain hundreds, maybe even thousands of pages, it can be a daunting task regardless of how careful you are. Proper planning helps ensure it all goes smoothly…no or very little planning can turn it all into a big nightmare.

Pages can get mixed up, deleted or otherwise not be available on the new site, which can end up costing your company thousands of dollars.… Continue Reading