Creating Press Releases that Work

As you know from our SEO knowledge center articles and other places, a press release is a method to not only get your company noticed by journalists, bloggers and other media outlets, but help build search engine rankings as well.

But you need to know how to optimize press releases to have the greatest positive impact for your company. Over 50,000 press releases go out each month, 1 every 12 seconds in fact. This fact drew me to really appreciate this informational video from HubSpot I recently saw. The tutorial lasts around 35 minutes or you can simply download the slides.… Continue Reading

Online Marketing Tools for Small Businesses – The Best in Each Category, from Email Marketing to SEO, Content Sharing and Social Media

Marketing your small business online requires finding the right tools to make the greatest impact. But there are so many out there – and more cropping up all the time. Finding which marketing tools to use can take weeks of research.

This small business marketing article shortlists the best of the best when it comes to online marketing tools. We have already researched and used most of them ourselves, so we can point out the strengths and why we recommend them. You’ll find listed free marketing tools as well as those that require investment.

Here’s a sampling of the 39 recommended online marketing tools for small businesses:

Press Releases

Marketwire offers traditional wire service distribution and exceptional online benefits at cost savings over PRNewswire and BusinessWire.… Continue Reading

Press Release Optimization – Why Your Press Releases May Not be Ranking

Press release optimization can help you gain top rankings and build value for your web site fast.

Take for example our latest press release. It reached the top of Google for major search terms like “seo copywriting”, “seo company”, “florida seo”, “seo copywriting services”, and even “search engine optimization” – within 24 hours! It was picked up on MSNBC as well as several Google and Yahoo properties and business-related sites like

The SEO field is extremely competitive, as you can imagine, so it’s no small feat to wrangle a top spot in Google for terms like “seo copywriting”, even more so for broader terms like “search engine optimization”.… Continue Reading

Press Release Optimization – Choosing Online Distribution Services

Press release optimization can be used effectively to aid in extending exposure of your company’s press releases, if approached correctly. I’ve compiled an overview here to give you an idea of the benefits and limitations and how to find free press release distribution sites that suit your needs. Keep in mind that free press release distribution is meant to supplement your press initiatives, which should also include efforts to target your audience directly.

Online Press Release Distribution Overview

Online press release services generally function by allowing you to post your release on a page on their site. The pages of these sites are optimized structurally to rank high in search engines, so your release can show up for keywords it is targeting in the copy.… Continue Reading

Are You Taking Advantage of the New Rules of PR Online?

With the landscape of public relations changing due to increasing reliance on the Internet, you need to adapt to take advantage of the opportunities that have emerged.

When I first started working at a small advertising agency, I was handed a pretty menial task looking up newspapers, radio, and TV stations local to a town in the Midwest that was being overrun with wildfires. One of our clients made a fire retardant spray that could protect the homes there – if it were applied in time. The agency’s idea was to fax a press release about the spray to all the local media and hope the orders would roll in.… Continue Reading