SEO Basics I: Brought to You by the Letters A-J


Novices to the world of search engine optimization, or SEO, can be overwhelmed by the new terminology they need to learn to be successful. Thankfully, Business 2 Community anticipated this language barrier and created an ABC list of some of the most common SEO terms and tips you need to know about. Here, in part one of our multi-blog series, we aim to share some of this … [Read more...]

SEO Roundup (July 10, 2015): PPC, Lead Generation and the Evolution of SEO

Welcome back to the semi-monthly SEO Roundup, powered by SEO Advantage. With so many headlines and advice articles circulating out there about internet marketing, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to occasionally cull through the flood of media to find a handful of the very best resources for our fellow SEOs and marketers. So without any more hoo-hah, here are 14 great links … [Read more...]

Why You Shouldn’t Press the DELETE Button on Your Website’s Old Content


The content on your website is important. As a webmaster, you definitely should update your content on a regular basis, but this doesn’t mean it’s always best to junk all of your outdated content. The content found on your website is actually much more important than just providing information to your visitors. Reasons to Keep Existing Content If you’ve had your website … [Read more...]

SEO Roundup (June 12, 2015): Twitter CEO Leaves the Nest, Pending Panda Update and Other SEO Headlines

Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo has announced that he will be stepping down from the helm of one of the world’s largest online social networking services. Co-founder Jack Dorsey will step in as interim CEO starting July 1. This change in leadership may also signal a change in Twitter’s trajectory. Twitter’s recent deal with Google has some speculating if the micro-blogging … [Read more...]

6 Totally Free Tools to Help Update Your Business’s Keywords


Using the right keywords for your website content is crucial for attracting the best kind of traffic to your site. Determining new, highly value keywords can be difficult though. This is because your customers (site visitors) will all search for your products/services differently. For instance, some people search “A/C repair”, while others may type in “fix my air conditioner.” … [Read more...]