SEO Roundup: February 27, 2015

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Welcome back to our Friday SEO roundup, where we take a look back at the biggest and best content pertaining to the world of internet marketing published in the last couple weeks!

First, the news. Lately, it appears Google has gone a little color crazy as they test out two new search features. The first is a new red label based on page speed that warns browsers when a website is slow to load. The label looks similar to the yellow Ad label that signifies paid search listing. If rolled out, this ranking factor could make page load time much more important for site developers.… Continue Reading

What to Expect for SEO in 2015


Staying abreast of all the changing trends of SEO isn’t always easy, but it can certainly help move your business forward. As businesses move away from push marketing and embrace SEO, you’ll need to be able to wade the waters of online marketing and know where the trends will turn next.

Here are 5 trends you should look out for in 2015:

  1. Online Security

    It’s all about cyber security these days. This is especially true of websites who deal with payments collected online and sensitive personal data. In order to keep this information safe, you’ll need to enact adequate security protocols.

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The Importance of Getting Links from Authority Sites

Link building, a long-standing part of SEO, has changed over the years; however, it has never lost its importance as a part of company’s search engine optimization strategies. Moreover, link building is one aspect of SEO that you cannot afford to forget.

Changes to search engine’s algorithms have altered how link building works, but these changes have also driven home the fact that writers should make sure that when they do link out that they get high quality links. Low quality links can end up harming a website’s Google ranking rather than helping. Often, these high quality links can be obtained by focusing on authority sites.… Continue Reading

How to Link Build Part 1: Using Direct Outreach


When link building, you cannot simply write good content and then sit back and wait for traffic to visit your website. Without promoting your content yourself, you are not likely to receive the kind of traffic you want or need for your business to thrive. Most people will tell you that harder to obtain links are more valuable to your content.

Chances are if you’ve been creating content for a while and it seems like you’re getting no traffic, you’ve most likely failed to add outreach to your marketing plan. Rather than simply slap your new content on your established website, you need to add this new content into your marketing plan as well.… Continue Reading

When Link Building Goes Wrong: 8 Link Building Practices to Avoid


As the head of a business, you know it is important for your current and potential customers to be able to find you when they run an internet search. You also have heard of connecting the content on your website through link building; however, you’re not sure where to start. The most important part of link building is understanding what you can do and what you can’t do (without penalty). Knowing what NOT to do can sometimes be more helpful than knowing what you should do.

Why is knowing what not to do more important? Making a mistake when you’re building links can result in a Google penalty (…in which your website becomes negatively ranked).… Continue Reading