Why Your Website Is Not Making Money

Location, location, location… it’s vital for brick-and-mortar storefronts and online businesses. It takes a lot of online marketing muscle and search engine optimization to ensure your website attracts targeted, qualified customers. If your website isn’t making money despite your best efforts, what can you do?

why-your-website-is-not-making-moneyJayson DeMers wrote an article for Forbes about what to do if your website isn’t making money. He explains that you may have traffic, but it isn’t converting. Conversion is the second most important part of online marketing—traffic is the first. The two have to work in harmony to result in revenue.

Here are common reasons why your website visitors may not be converting:

  • You’re attracting “window shoppers.” These are people are browsing and have no intention of buying.
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The Content Marketer’s Guide to Editorial Calendar Bliss

file000786402730Despite the plethora of web tools and apps to make my life easier managing content and writing projects, I’ve spent years handwriting projects and notes in a daily planner. I know, I know, “get with the times, Julia.”

A fellow writer recently showed me her online editorial calendar. It’s a Google spreadsheet that she claims is effective for staying on top of content marketing. It improves time management, she said.

I tried her version of editorial calendar a couple of weeks ago. I like it, especially since it can be shared with contributing writers or team members.

In my quest to discover ways to use the calendar more effectively, I came across Spectate CEO Kat Liendgens’ article about editorial calendar best practices.… Continue Reading

6 Tools That Make Your Content Ideas 100% More Powerful

Write new contentNo matter the rock-solid content marketing strategy you have, chances are you sometimes feel creating content has become a chore.

When your creativity falls into a dead zone, luckily there are web tools that can help you regain creativity, workflow, and jumpstart your stalled content development.

I found a great article about idea generation written by Jason DeMers at Search Engine Watch. The article recommends web tools that can help any business owner or marketer generate ideas for good quality content.

Most marketers are familiar with Google’s Keyword Planner, Google Trends, and Google Webmaster Tools. Let’s look at other web tools that can help you discover, develop, and test content ideas:

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10 Tips for Optimizing Your WordPress Blog

Optimize your WordPress blogBy now anyone serious about marketing their product or service online knows that Google favors websites that are updated frequently with original, engaging and authoritative content. A blog is a great way for website owners to keep fresh content rolling through their website because anyone, with a little bit of basic training, can create outstanding, shareable content in a short amount of time. And the best part is, the longer you do it the faster you can turn out quality content.

What Blog Software Should I use?

SEO Advantages manages hundreds of blogs for our customers and in almost every case we choose WordPress.… Continue Reading

Boost Web Traffic in 15 Minutes in 7 Easy Steps

Life gets busy. If you’re maintaining a Web site, you know it takes time and constant tweaks to keep it ranking at the top of search results. We’ve got 7 easy tips that can be done in 15 minutes to ensure your site’s rankings.

1. Review Your Sites’ Index Status. Google’s Webmaster Tools service gives you the ability to review historically how many of your pages are indexed over the last year. Go to the Health menu list and choose “Index Status.” You can view a report to gauge your overall site health. Detect and solve problems before they become big issues.… Continue Reading