4 Social Media Marketing Tips That Will Get You Results Today

I’m preoccupied with social media, and it’s not just to look at shared animal memes. I’m intrigued by the ease in which business can market to the masses simply by social engagement, and how impactful social media marketing can be if done well. I read everything I can about it.tips-social-media-marketing

I was reading Forbes the other day when Steve Olenski’s article about things marketers may not know regarding social media marketing caught my attention. I’m a marketer. I wanted to know what I may not know, so I read his great article.

Steve makes the excellent point that social media marketing is still growing.… Continue Reading

Boost Web Traffic in 15 Minutes in 7 Easy Steps

Life gets busy. If you’re maintaining a Web site, you know it takes time and constant tweaks to keep it ranking at the top of search results. We’ve got 7 easy tips that can be done in 15 minutes to ensure your site’s rankings.

1. Review Your Sites’ Index Status. Google’s Webmaster Tools service gives you the ability to review historically how many of your pages are indexed over the last year. Go to the Health menu list and choose “Index Status.” You can view a report to gauge your overall site health. Detect and solve problems before they become big issues.… Continue Reading

SEO Roundup: October 2, 2013

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailActionable advice is one of our favorite things to find and share, so you can imagine how much we love this nearly exhaustive list of SEO tips from some of the top marketers. There are 47 tips in all covering a range of topics. There’s a lot to digest at the link, so be ready to put some time in. You’ll find it well worth it.

Another one of our favorite things is a website with great call to action. Unfortunately, a lot of sites miss this crucial component, which is why Nathan wrote this fantastic call to action guide on our blog.… Continue Reading

Friday Trivia: Understanding Bounce Rates

Welcome to SEO Advantage’s Friday Trivia feature, where we discuss, dissect and comment on the internet and marketing, and how the two intertwine.

Ah, the dreaded bounce rate. It’s that unpleasant little number that lets you know that no matter how many visitors you get to your page, some just aren’t going to stick around to see the rest of your site. This can happen for a number of reasons, though, and not all of them are bad. Do you know the average bounce rate for web pages?

  1. 20%
  2. 40%
  3. 60%
  4. 80%

Answer: 40%

According to Google, Kissmetrics and just about every other source on the internet, the average bounce rate for a web page is about 40%.… Continue Reading

10 Important Points to Consider when Redesigning your Website

Every so often, your website should undergo a face lift. It’s important to consider a site redesign every couple of years or so to maintain a fresh appearance for your company.

If you just put a site online and don’t touch its design for many years, it will appear that your company is behind the times. Since online marketing channels and SEO is constantly evolving, you have to stay current or risk losing your position to a competitor who’s on top of their game and has an updated site.

Other reasons like migrating to a new content management system or rebranding your company can also serve as motivation for re-designing your website.… Continue Reading