34 Things You Must Do When Redesigning your Website

Every so often, it’s a good idea to give your organization’s website a fresh new design. Doing so makes your company look active and dedicated to giving your customers the most advanced products and services.

But considering the fact many websites contain hundreds, maybe even thousands of pages, it can be a daunting task regardless of how careful you are. Proper planning helps ensure it all goes smoothly…no or very little planning can turn it all into a big nightmare.

Pages can get mixed up, deleted or otherwise not be available on the new site, which can end up costing your company thousands of dollars.… Continue Reading

5 Tools You Can Use To Track Your Competition Online

If you’re in a very competitive niche or industry, you likely have someone you’re always vying for the top spot in the search engines with. A big part of remaining competitive online is effectively tracking your competition…watch what they do to maintain their position and perhaps match it so you don’t lose ground to them.

Staying on top of your online competition allows you to effectively deal with any changes that occur in either their website or the search engines.

Fortunately, there are a lot of tools out there to help webmasters and SEOs track their competition. These tools allow you to see who’s linking to them, what their social media presence is and even see what others are saying about them.… Continue Reading

3 Essential Components of SEO Reporting: Going Beyond Rankings

One of the best ways to prove enterprise-level SEO provides a strong, consistent return on investment is to provide ongoing SEO reports to your bosses or clients.

Many SEO professionals in the past relied on providing simple visibility reports that detailed the rankings for particular keyword phrases in the top search engines – namely Google, Yahoo and Bing. While this data can provide some excellent illustration of a project’s success, it is possible that reporting of this nature can be misleading or irrelevant when considering things from a conversion/revenue perspective.

Continue reading to learn about 3 essential components your SEO report should have so your bosses or clients can have actionable insight into how their SEO campaigns are progressing…please note that each client is different so you may have to provide modified/customized reporting formats.… Continue Reading

7 Ways Site Search Benefits your Online Marketing Efforts

Many websites today contain lots of information on helping visitors educate themselves and answer questions without making contact. These sites though are increasingly complex…and with all the features jam packed into today’s websites, it can be difficult for visitors to even ascertain if the site has what  they need, much less how to find it.

This is the central reason why installing a “site search” function on your website is a necessary investment for making your website a dependable lead generating tool.

Below are 7 advantages you can expect to see from installing a “site search” function on your website.

1.Continue Reading

My Site’s been Penalized – What Do I Do?

It’s the bain of any SEO or webmaster’s existence…your site for some reason has been penalized by Google and you’re experiencing a drop in rankings or site traffic. It may seem that all you have worked for may be slipping away. Your boss is unhappy or worse, that client you labored to obtain is getting nervous or upset.

No reason for despair if this happens to you. Rather, look at it as a process of discovery as to why you’re site’s dropped…you may be surprised at what you find out.

Here’s a method you can use to aid in your quest of finding the source of your problem and getting right with Google…watch the video below for more details.… Continue Reading