4 Social Media Marketing Tips That Will Get You Results Today

I’m preoccupied with social media, and it’s not just to look at shared animal memes. I’m intrigued by the ease in which business can market to the masses simply by social engagement, and how impactful social media marketing can be if done well. I read everything I can about it.tips-social-media-marketing

I was reading Forbes the other day when Steve Olenski’s article about things marketers may not know regarding social media marketing caught my attention. I’m a marketer. I wanted to know what I may not know, so I read his great article.

Steve makes the excellent point that social media marketing is still growing.… Continue Reading

Social Media, Crowdfunding, and $56M Nail Polish


I’ve always been fascinated with crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. Hunting the subjects online, I came across Carol Tice’s Forbes article about a Seattle-based company called Julep that cranks out skin care products, makeup, and funky suede-look and 3-D holographic glitter nail polish. Julep has made quite a name for itself through social media marketing and crowdfunding since its 2007 debut as a single nail salon.

Why should we care? Julep applied rapid iteration—something foreign to the beauty industry—and their ecommerce sales have skyrocketed. Forbes estimates Julep’s 2013 revenue topped $20 million.That’s why.

And get this—Monday Julep announced it acquired $30 million in financing from venture-capital firms, including Starbucks founder Howard Schultz’s Maveron.… Continue Reading

How Google Authorship Can Help Your Business

Authorship was started by Google to eliminate spam and duplicate content. It helps search users receive quality content relevant to their search that is created by niche and industry authorities. Authorship protects authors’ work and at the same time, builds the authors’ credibility online. The search engine displays author information in search results. Here is a Google shared screenshot of how an author’s information appears in search results:


A content marketing plan and search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to get your content ranked. Websites must deliver compelling content in different forms (product pages, blog posts, and more) that are formatted for search crawlers to achieve page ranking.… Continue Reading

LinkedIn Leaves Security-Conscious Scratching Their Heads Over Latest Iphone App

LinkedIn securityLast week LinkedIn introduced a new feature they dubbed Intro. Intro’s stated purpose, according to LinkedIn’s blog, is to display the LinkedIn profile of people who email you on your Iphone, purportedly to save you a step in trying to glean info on people you don’t know that email you. Intro is supposed to help you quickly identify spam as well as instantly provide information to you that might be helpful in closing a deal.

How LinkedIn Intro Works

The way Intro works is pretty simple: every piece of email that you send or receive is filtered through LinkedIn’s servers, where information contained therein is scraped and analyzed.… Continue Reading

The Impact of Google Plus on Search Rankings

Google+ LogoLast year, we spent a little time discussing the emerging Google social media channel. Like any new social media channel, it didn’t catch on with everybody. But over the last year or so, we’ve seen things develop dramatically with this exciting social media outlet, especially in its relationship with search rankings.

There’s no doubt that social signals have taken on increasing significance over the last few years…but how significant has been the subject of much debate.

Recent chatter and research on the topic has confirmed to us that social signals, especially Google+, are becoming a fairly significant source of higher search rankings.… Continue Reading