Social Wednesday: August 20, 2014


Do you know what day it is? Many of you likely gave a hearty cheer, “Hump Day!” and by golly it is, but here at SEO-e it’s “Social Wednesday,” an exciting new venture where we search the vast reaches of social media to profile its brightest marketing stars. Twitter’s Stephen Greenwood (@TasteFaker) wears many hats in the marketing arena. He’s an Analyst at GEICO and digital … [Read more...]

4 Social Media Marketing Tips That Will Get You Results Today


I’m preoccupied with social media, and it’s not just to look at shared animal memes. I’m intrigued by the ease in which business can market to the masses simply by social engagement, and how impactful social media marketing can be if done well. I read everything I can about it. I was reading Forbes the other day when Steve Olenski’s article about things marketers may not … [Read more...]

Social Media, Crowdfunding, and $56M Nail Polish


I’ve always been fascinated with crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. Hunting the subjects online, I came across Carol Tice’s Forbes article about a Seattle-based company called Julep that cranks out skin care products, makeup, and funky suede-look and 3-D holographic glitter nail polish. Julep has made quite a name for itself through social media marketing and crowdfunding since … [Read more...]

How Google Authorship Can Help Your Business


Authorship was started by Google to eliminate spam and duplicate content. It helps search users receive quality content relevant to their search that is created by niche and industry authorities. Authorship protects authors’ work and at the same time, builds the authors’ credibility online. The search engine displays author information in search results. Here is a Google shared … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Leaves Security-Conscious Scratching Their Heads Over Latest Iphone App

LinkedIn security

Last week LinkedIn introduced a new feature they dubbed Intro. Intro's stated purpose, according to LinkedIn's blog, is to display the LinkedIn profile of people who email you on your Iphone, purportedly to save you a step in trying to glean info on people you don't know that email you. Intro is supposed to help you quickly identify spam as well as instantly provide information … [Read more...]