How Google Authorship Can Help Your Business

Authorship was started by Google to eliminate spam and duplicate content. It helps search users receive quality content relevant to their search that is created by niche and industry authorities. Authorship protects authors’ work and at the same time, builds the authors’ credibility online. The search engine displays author information in search results. Here is a Google shared screenshot of how an author’s information appears in search results:


A content marketing plan and search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to get your content ranked. Websites must deliver compelling content in different forms (product pages, blog posts, and more) that are formatted for search crawlers to achieve page ranking.… Continue Reading

The Impact of Google Plus on Search Rankings

Google+ LogoLast year, we spent a little time discussing the emerging Google social media channel. Like any new social media channel, it didn’t catch on with everybody. But over the last year or so, we’ve seen things develop dramatically with this exciting social media outlet, especially in its relationship with search rankings.

There’s no doubt that social signals have taken on increasing significance over the last few years…but how significant has been the subject of much debate.

Recent chatter and research on the topic has confirmed to us that social signals, especially Google+, are becoming a fairly significant source of higher search rankings.… Continue Reading

8 Tips for Optimizing Your YouTube Videos for Optimal Rankings and Viewership – Part II

Optimizing for YouTubeLast week, we discussed how YouTube videos have become an integral part of web, and that businesses who don’t promote video content through YouTube could be missing out on an opportunity to reach a very large audience.

As we said before, YouTube gets more views in one hour than 10 Super Bowls put together!!

With that in mind, we went on to explain the most critical element of optimizing your YouTube videos for maximum search rankings and viewership – keywords.

Read Part I to learn more about how and why keywords are so invaluable, and the different places you need to be sure you’ve optimized.… Continue Reading

8 Tips for Optimizing Your YouTube Videos for Optimal Rankings and Viewership – Part I

Optimizing for YouTubeThis is Part I of our series exploring the impact of YouTube and how you can leverage it to its full potential. Check back for Part II in a few days for more…

Before we dive into all the details, we urge you to take a moment and think about your own web usage. With connection speeds light years ahead of where they were a decade ago, most of us watch a considerable amount of video through YouTube and other outlets.

The more technically savvy among us even use subscription services like Netflix or Amazon Prime to watch our favorite movies and TV shows.… Continue Reading

Google Will Now Include Panda in its Real-Time Algorithm

Up until now, Google’s “Panda” was just a periodic update by the search giant to ferret out sites engaging in spam and other nefarious activities. Over the last couple of years, many websites have lost rankings due to the update.

In a Q&A session at the SMX conference earlier this week, Google spam chief Matt Cutts was asked when the next Panda update would occur.

He answered that it would occur either today (March 15), or Monday March 18th at the latest.

A brief recap of Panda

Following an update in late 2009 aimed at improving its indexing process, Google obtained lots of content to display in their search results.… Continue Reading