5 Ways to Use Twitter to Grow Your Online Marketing Business

We’re always looking for new ways to find companies who need search engine marketing and optimization services. Twitter is one of those tools many online marketing professionals are turning to reach prospective customers. Many large retailers and manufacturers are using Twitter to market their products and services, especially those targeting younger more tech savvy consumers.

But it can work the other way too! Using Twitter for lead generation is another way many online marketers and SEO professionals are finding new clients in this tough environment.

Five ways sales people can use Twitter include:

1. Research prospective companies

Before you even call a prospective client, do some research about their company through their website and Twitter. Know what employees and customers are saying about the company so when you call, you can build a better rapport with them. Understanding the company and their needs will give you an edge when you make that call.

2. Stay abreast of industry news

Check into Twitter to find updates on things happening in your lead’s industry. Real time updates from Twitter mean you can learn about big news before it’s even published across the web.

3. Find the best time to call your lead

Twitter can also be a great way to find out when your lead will be in the office. Calling every day at 9:00 AM used to be the standard but with Twitter, you can find out when someone is out of the office or in a meeting. There’s no guarantee they will answer the phone if they’re at their desk but the chances of you talking to someone goes up nevertheless.

4. Get honest feedback on your pitch

After the call and pitch, logon to Twitter to see what your lead is saying about it to their friends and colleagues. This method allows you to learn in an unvarnished way where your pitch is strong and where it can be improved.

5. Stay in touch when customers change jobs

Phone and email may be the primary means to communicate with a prospective customer but they are useless when your prospect changes jobs. Twitter is a great way to stay in touch with contacts when they change jobs. And a new job for them could mean new and expanded opportunities for you!

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