Small Business Marketing Attitude

A recent post by David Meerman Scott on the Marketing P’s got me thinking about how my attitude toward marketing has evolved over the years. I graduated with an MBA concentrating in international business and marketing. During the course of my study, I conducted primary research and prepared fancy marketing plans as part of our hands-on coursework, of course addressing the traditional 4 P’s. We read case studies on things like how to determine whether a company should open a manufacturing plant in an offshore country, and we learned how successful businesses like Coca Cola and Komatsu conducted themselves.

Since then, I’ve learned that you don’t always have an entire year to “plan” your marketing – especially when you work for a small business and want to stay nimble.… Continue Reading

Search Engine Optimization Library Brings Tips to your Fingertips

Search engine optimization firm SEO Advantage now offers a full-range SEO library to help small businesses and other website owners easily find information to help them navigate the complicated world of optimizing for the search engines.

Short, informative articles are broken into several categories that cover all of the bases: SEO, copywriting, e-commerce and working with an SEO company to name a few.

“We’re delighted to be offering small businesses and webmasters tips of the trade, helping them create better websites that improve conversions and sales,” commented Lisa Banks, marketing director for SEO Advantage, Inc.

Articles will be continously added and updated so check-out and bookmark the Search Engine Optimization Library from SEO Advantage, Inc.… Continue Reading

Press Release Optimization – Why Your Press Releases May Not be Ranking

Press release optimization can help you gain top rankings and build value for your web site fast.

Take for example our latest press release. It reached the top of Google for major search terms like “seo copywriting”, “seo company”, “florida seo”, “seo copywriting services”, and even “search engine optimization” – within 24 hours! It was picked up on MSNBC as well as several Google and Yahoo properties and business-related sites like

The SEO field is extremely competitive, as you can imagine, so it’s no small feat to wrangle a top spot in Google for terms like “seo copywriting”, even more so for broader terms like “search engine optimization”.… Continue Reading

SEO Copywriting – Is This Term Even Relevant Anymore?

SEO copywriting is the term given to describe copywriting that supports search engine optimization. But I’d like to put forth that all online copywriting should naturally consider its effect on SEO. I’d like to think that as copywriters and online editors we’ve moved past any distinction between regular copywriting and SEO copywriting. After all, shouldn’t we be striving to write engaging copy that appeals to the target audience AND employs appropriate keywords naturally?

The problem is that “SEO Copywriting” emerged as a term that often referred to lower-grade copy that simply tried to work keywords in with the sole purpose of gaining rankings from the search engines.… Continue Reading